VSCmdShell v0.8 Source Code Posted in the Workspace

Download the source code without being a workspace member here:

If you would like to contribute to the source you should sign up to be a member of the workspace and you can grab the live source code. After joining the workspace I would recommend using the standalone tool for working with the workspace source control. Here are the notes for this source release:

  • The solution files are labeled as *2003 or *2005 and will open the correct set of projects/files depending on the version you are working with.
  • Connect200X.cs and CmdTextBox200X.cs are currently version specific.  In the future only the connect.cs file will be.  It's a bug that the CmdTextBox class is. 
  • In VS2003 you will have to build the VSUserControl Host project and re-add the generated tlb as a reference to the main systemwin addin class library.
  • Also, in VS2003, you will need to build and run the setup program once before debugging to correctly configure the registry.
  • For both releases you should remember that you have to set the debug options to "Start external program" and point it to the devenv.exe that you are working on. 

I'm sure I've missed something obscure I do to work on this project. If you have problems feel free to ping me.  Happy Coding!