Why don't you colorize this like that

I was forwarded this feedback today.  The introduction it came with says it all.  Keep the wins coming. 

I was on IM with an MVP today, and he mentioned he was on the VS 2005 Real World Users Usability Study. I thought you would like his comment, I think it is testament that we are moving in the right direction and that your group is doing a great job getting customers involved:

“Did I tell you I'm in a Visual Studio 2005 usability study? I just get to use the product (which kicks ass) and then complain about things I don’t like. I love being involved. It helps me know that VS is gonna be a better product. Oh did I tell you they implemented a feature I asked for? At the summit, I met some guys and said "why don’t you colorize this like that?", and they said "hmm..." and now , this new build I got, it's in there by default.” - Micheal