Five Things meme

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  1. I was once nearly decapitated when I ran into a clothesline with my motorcycle.  Since the line wrapped around my head a few times (after my head managed to rip it away from the trees it was tied to), the resulting lacerations looked like I had lost a fight to a tiger.  And not that Tony chump, I'm talking about a MEAN tiger.
  2. I spent a few years in Europe, but I was ages 2 to 5 (while my father was stationed in Germany).  There's lots of cute pictures of me with guards of various castles/palaces and roaming around Europe.  I learned that spaghetti served in Italy is not like the spaghetti you get here. I still eat my french fries (pomme frites!) with mayo.
  3. I learned Aikido from my father.  Since he had spent a good part of his time in Special Forces work teaching others in the mountains of Vietnam, he was a pretty good teacher :) [my father's five things would be far more interesting than mine]
  4. I once encased my cubicle (at a startup) in cardboard (fetched from a nearby dumpster) to keep out the light.  Fluorescent lights just annoy me that much.  One of my co-workers wrote "Lazlo" on it.
  5. My senior design project as an undergrad was a RC5-56 implementation in Verilog to help out with the project.  The design exposed 6 bugs in the Synplify synthesis engine.  I got sponsorship from Xilinx (in exchange, I had to display their banner with my project), which was very useful because the FPGA's I was using for the prototypes were expensive.

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