making a quick style (Outlook 2007 using Word 2007 as editor) for emails

I tend to send a lot of text output from shells in my emails, and rather than do so as screen shots, I send the text.  Of course, many times there's formatting involved (like PowerShell output, of course), so I need to change that to a fixed-width font.  I also want to make it visually obvious as output, so I indent it and change the color and size as well.

I do this enough that I made a "quick style" for it so I could just click on that style button and then paste my text.  I got the question from 2 co-workers how to do that, so here it is (also helpful to have it in a blog post in case I forget how myself in the future :)

  • Make changes to the text that you’d like to make into a style
    • For my console output: Courier New, 8 pt, indent, blue
  • Switch to Format Text ribbon
  • From style drop-down (arrow down with line above it, near bottom-right of Styles section), select “Save Selection as a New Quick Style”
  • From the dialog that opens, select Modify
  • Change the name of the style (defaults to something like Style1)
  • At the bottom, change the radio button from “Only in this document” to “New documents based on this template”.  This is the important bit, as otherwise it only lasts for your existing email editing session.
  • (IMHO) also select the “Automatically update” checkbox