(More easily) search your work items!

Know-a-Code posts up a neat little VS add-in that lets you do a free-text search on your work items!  Well, not strictly, but pretty close.  It looks very usable.  I'm glad to see it since the IFilter and Lucene.Net approaches to WI searching have been getting further buried on my to-do list thanks to more fun PowerShell things :)

In the grand tradition of filling up this blog post with a blockquote of his...

After installing, just type what you want to search for, and results are shown across Team Projects and Work Item Types.  To search for a keyword across the Title field and History (which contains info on most all other field changes, including Assigned To, etc), just type in your keyword (like widget) and hit [ENTER].

You can also pop up a specific work item by entering it's ID

You can also search from the Team menu.

You need to be connected to a Team Foundation server first.  The first time you search after loading VS it'll take awhile to load the results because Team Explorer is loading the work item store, just like expanding your Team Project node takes awhile, like "Work Items (working...)".