potential powertoy: paste from clipboard into work items as attachments

One of the add-ins I did for my own use, and some others inside the Team Foundation group have been using, is the ability to "paste" from the system clipboard into work items, such that the clipboard contents become an attachment.

During one of our internal bug bash sessions, I was filing a lot of bugs and wanted to attach screen shots to each of them to make it clear what the broken behavior was that I was seeing.  This was a pretty painful experience, exacerbated at the time by the fact that I had to TS into another machine (one of our testers put it as 14 steps before the add-in in such a scenario, down to 2 with the add-in)

Since the add-in passes through to running Edit.Paste when it's not focused on a work item, I have it bound to my control-v so I can take a screen shot of a local or remote session (very nice if you're using OneNote's screen shot capability, or something similar) and just switch to VS and control-v to paste it as an attachment into the work item (typically, one I'm in the middle of creating as I'm filing a new bug).

While it has some fans inside Microsoft, it's not clear whether enough customers would want this to warrant making it part of the Team Foundation powertoys.

So what do you think?  Would you use such a powertoy?

[Update: March 16th] - didn't make the bar for powertoys - will try to post it as a GotDotNet project once time allows.

[Update: July 4th] - now posted on GotDotNet - a few people have emailed me and have liked it so far.  Note that this means the source is available, so it's arguably better than a "typical" powertoy that would just be a binary :)