Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 RTW!

WSS 3.0 is pretty important, as we're making an effort to support that with our upcoming version of TFS.  It's got a lot of great benefits to it, and it's a huge leap over 2.0 IMHO.  The built-in support for wiki's, blog's, and RSS make it so much more useful for really being the one-stop shop for sharing data among your team and even customers.  There's a great page even detailing the exact differences between WSS 2.0 and 3.0.

You can also check out a tour of WSS 3.0 features.

Excited about WSS 3.0 but don't have your own setup to host it on?  We even have a list of hosting partners that already have it available, many of whom have free trials available.

Interested in checking out WSS 3.0 in the enterprise?  Then check out How Microsoft IT Manages the World's Largest Windows SharePoint Services Deployment (Level 300)