Any women evangelist candidates out there?

Where are the women evangelists? I’ve gotten some great responses to my open jobs (here and here,) all of which have been from men. There are several women on our evangelism team today, and I can’t believe that they make up the entire community of females that are interested in working as evangelists.

I don’t have any kind of target number to hit, and I will hire the best candidate for the job. But like the website says, "Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity." Part of supporting diversity means at least trying to get some resumes from a more diverse pool of candidates. (And yes, diversity means more than just gender, and yes, I’ve already taken steps to find candidates who are diverse across a variety of criteria.)

There was a round of discussions recently in the blogsphere about where the female bloggers are (here, here or here, for example.) Maybe we need to start a discussion about where the female technophiles are who want to work for the ‘soft as evangelists...