Pre-emptive strike: What will you show at PDC?

Scoble found my PDC post pretty fast, and so in anticipation of an increase in traffic, I figured I'd try to proactively answer a few likely questions:

When is PDC : Sep 13-16, in Los Angeles.  We usually do a day of pre-conference training as well.

When can I sign up: Registration isn't open yet.  Expect to hear more about that over the next two or three months.  You can sign up to get email updates.  I'm ebarrassed to note that our site doesn't have RSS, so until we manage to get that fixed, you can subscribe to my PDC category and I'll be sure to pass along updates.

What are you going to talk about at PDC: At a high level, I will just copy what the event web site says:  "Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is the definitive developer event focused on the future of the Microsoft platform.". As far as specifics, I can't say just yet.  I'm doing a lot of work talking with senior architect folks to get a good sense of our platform roadmap, and understanding which technologies we need to highlight at PDC.  It's so early that I don't want to make any statements I might have to retract later, so that's all for now.

Who's going to be speaking: Again, I don't want to make any promises so early on before the plan is finalized.  I hope that we'll exceed the high bar for depth and quality of speakers we set at PDC 2003.