Survey results coming in

Thanks to the 96 of you who took the time to complete the survey.  I'm just getting started looking through the results, here are some of things I've noted so far:

  • You spend most of your time on the job doing dev/implementation work, but architecture is a close second.
  • You mostly only go to one conference a year.
  • About 20% of you went to both PDC 2003 and one of the recent TechEds (03 or 04).
  • Of the various reasons you attend PDC, the two most important are "to understand what the big new pieces of platform technology provide, so that I understand what new end-user capabilities I can add to my app and how to architect my app to support them" and "to talk with my peers, architects and developers at MS and other companies, to understand how they’re approaching technology and make sure I’m not missing the next big thing."
  • You are pretty evenly split between focusing on Web-based interface and Windows client interfaces.
  • The vast majority of you plan to use C# for new projects going forward
  • You particularly enjoyed listening to, and speaking with, folks from Indigo, ASP.NET and the CLR team
  • You remember the keynotes fondly, particularly Bill, Jim Allchin (he coded in VI), and Rick Rashid (he demo'd a physics simulator on the TabletPC)
  • You thought it was too crowded and the wireless sucked (no surprise there ;)
  • More technical content would be appreciated, particularly around shipping technology and unmanaged code.  PDC 2003 was a little too forward looking.
  • Do more to help us network – better social spaces, better tools for finding people of like interests, etc.


There is tons of good feedback in there which I will share with the planning team.  We are listening!