Are You Used to Delivering Working Software on a Daily Basis and Changing the Software in Response to Emerging Requirements?

Note: This article is updated at Are You Used to Delivering Daily and Responding to Change?

That’s a pretty good question, and timeless, too.

I remember several years ago, when a vendor asked me that, and I remember laughing and thinking, “yeah, that’s what we try to show other people how to do.”

What was great though, was the vendor followed up with a short-list of precise questions:

  1. What is your current software development process?
  2. Key milestones?
  3. Release frequency?
  4. Daily practices?
  5. Build frequency?
  6. Approach for getting / learning requirements?
  7. Approach for dealing with changing / emerging requirements?
  8. Approach for creating testable software? (e.g. you change the software for requirement X, how quickly can you make and verify the change)

That’s actually a really good set of questions both to quickly get a handle on your software development process and to test how “agile” you really are.

It also reveals your culture and how responsive to change and feedback you really are.

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