How To Use Agile Results To Realize Your Full Potential

Note: This article is updated at How To Use Agile Results to Realize Your Full Potential.

“I want to be thoroughly used up when I die.”
— George Bernard Shaw

Were you born for something more?

Have you ever really tested and explored the outer limits of your full potential?

Imagine if you could learn a new skill, or learn a new language, or even change careers?  Imagine if you had a talent that was just waiting to be tapped or a hobby you could turn into how you will put your personal dent in the universe?

What kind of person would you become if you used more of you…maybe even all of you?

Realize Your Potential the Agile Way

It’s time to disrupt yourself.

You never know the outer limits of your full potential until you test your limits – and push past them.

Realizing your potential is a journey not a destination.

What better way to approach your journey of self-actualization than to embrace change and to use change as a way to become YOUR best.

I wrote a pretty deep article to show you how to realize your full potential the Agile Way:

How To Use Agile Results to Realize Your Full Potential

I wanted to give you a simple but powerful framework to explore and expand what you are capable of.

Three Simple Tools from Agile Results

To do so, I focused on a handful of tools from Agile Results:

  1. The Rule of Three
  2. Monday Vision, Daily Wins, Friday Reflection
  3. 30-Day Improvement Sprints

In the article, I walk through how you can combine these three simple tools from Agile Results to do more, be more, and achieve more.

I also walk through how to adopt an Agile Mindset so that you can open the door to new possibilities and evolve your self-image as you evolve.

More importantly, I focus on an Agile Mindset so that you get out of your own way, and eliminate limiting thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs.

30-Day Sprints for Personal Development

In the article, I walk through how to design a 30 Day Sprint for Personal Development.  To make it real, I give an example of creating a 30-Day Sprint on Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is one of the skills that separates the best of us, from the rest of us.

If you can’t summon and harness your emotions, you won’t perform your greatest, most inspired work.

If you are a slave to your emotions, every day is a roller coaster out of control.

If you can’t tune in to what others are feeling, you won’t be able to build rapport or influence effectively, or simply connect at a basic human level.

If you can’t help others feel their brilliant best, then you’ll limit what you can do in any social context.

The people that shine the brightest lift others up, rather than steal the spotlight.

To bottom line it, Emotional Intelligence is how we rise above being a victim of emotional distress to become masters and maestros of emotional greatness.

I think you will enjoy how I cut to the chase and show simple skills to focus on for building Emotional Intelligence.

It’s not perfect, it’s not exhaustive, and it’s not meant to be.

Instead, it’s meant to be a simple hack to help you create a learning, doing, and improving loop while you realize your full potential the Agile Way.

Rise and Shine

I challenge you to rise and shine to become a beacon for your future self, rather than a shadow of your former self.

Here is the intro to my article that sets the stage to help you learn how to realize your potential the Agile Way:

“We all have the potential to know more, do more, be more, and achieve more.
A lot of us know we were born for something more, but then we struggle to reach that potential.
Rather than wondering about what you are capable of, what if you could test your capabilities and explore your greatest possibilities and potential?
What if you could realize your full potential, the Agile Way?
Rather than big up-front planning or some grand design for your life, what if you could experiment your way forward?
Imagine experimenting to find what you are truly capable of, informing yourself with actual examples, and evolving your self-image based on real-world results.
But mostly, imagine enjoying your personal journey of self-discovery, while becoming more than you ever thought you could be.
After all, realizing your full potential is a journey, not a destination.”

Read the full article at How To Use Agile Results to Realize Your Full Potential.