Lean to Drive Portfolios, Agile to Optimize How You Work

Note: This article is updated at How Agile and Lean Help Business.

I was reading a nice little eBook on Opportunities and Challenges with Agile Portfolio Management.

Here’s the part that caught my attention:

“In her report, Visitacion suggests organizations adopt Lean to drive their portfolios and Agile to drive their activities. ‘Lean supports the disciplines necessary to select high-value, high-need investments, while Agile provides the path to optimize how you work,’ she wrote.”

I’ll need to take a better look at this.  In my experience, I’ve used a variety of approach for selecting high-value, high-need investments, and not particularly Lean.  And, when it comes to execution and optimizing how work gets done, I like a combo of Lean + Agile + Scrum (what can I say, I’m a Bruce Lee fan, “absorb what is useful”, and I like to integrate and synthesize the best tools for the job.)

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