Now Available: Trends for 2014 at Your Fingertips

It’s here.  I’ve published my Trends for 2014:

Trends for 2014: The Year of Value Realization

It’s a deep dive.

Some things will look familiar.  Some things will look new.   Some things might surprise you.

There are a lot of interesting patterns at play.   For example, baby boomers are shaping innovation.  Developing countries are turning around the flow of innovation.  The world is going social, businesses are going cloud, everything is getting mobile, people and machines are getting better together, and analytics for everything is bringing new levels of insight, and opening new possibilities.

I plucked out a couple of the trends to share here that you might find interesting:

Dream Teams the Virtual Way.  Has there ever been a better time to assemble a team of super heroes to change the world?   Build your dream team, ship ideas, and change the world. 99 puts 100,000+ designers are at your fingertips. is a leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work and hire top talent. gives you access over 2 million skilled freelancers from around the world. helps you hire people around the world to perform tasks and services, referred to as “gigs” beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed . provides instant access to the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace. connects you to millions of quality freelancers where you can outsourcing your needs.

Infrastructure as code.  “ Continuous delivery and DevOps have elevated our thinking about infrastructure. The implications of thinking about infrastructure as code and the need for new tools are still evolving.”    See Thoughtworks Technology Radar , May 2013

We are the Borg, device implants, and electronically enhanced you. It’s not just wearable computing.  Devices are ingestible and implantable, too  Implants, smart pills and electronic tattoos will change the medical field, among other arenas.   Smart pills and smart “stick on” tattoos can send relay vital signs of a patient to doctors.  Doctors gather detailed data on “neural signatures” of illnesses through implants.

There’s plenty more at Trends for 2014: The Year of Value Realization.

What I also did was a pretty thorough roundup of key trends for 2014 from a variety of sources.

And, I do mean a variety.

If there is one post you read from me this year, this is the post.

It can help you reimagine you and your world, and inspire you with new ways to exploit the future and the kaleidoscope of trends that are shaping the fabric of our emerging reality.

It puts the future in your hands.