Productivity Power Magazine


"Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before." -- Franz Kafka

One of my experiments over the weekend was to do a fast roundup of my productivity articles.

Here it is --Productivity Power Magazine:

Productivity Power Magazine

I wanted to create a profound knowledge base of principles, patterns, and practices for productivity.  I also wanted to make it fast, really fast, to be able to go through all of my productivity articles that I’ve created for Sources of Insight and on MSDN. 

I also wanted it to be more visual, I wanted thumbnails of each articles, so that I could flip through very quickly.

After looking at a few options, I tried Flipboard.  It’s a simple way to create personal magazines, and world class publications like The New York Times, PEOPLE Magazine, Fast Company and Vanity Fair use Flipboard.

Productivity Power Magazine (A Flipboard Experiment)

Here is my first Flipboard experiment to create Productivity Power Magazine:

Productivity Power Magazine

I think you’ll find Productivity Power Magazine a very fast way to go through all of my productivity articles.  You get to see everything and a glance, scroll through a visual list, and then dive into the ones you want to read.  If you care about productivity, this might be your productivity paradise.

Note that I take a “whole person” approach to productivity, with a focus on well-being.  I draw from positive psychology, sports psychology, project management practices, and a wide variety of sources to help you achieve high-performance.  Ultimately, it’s a patterns and practices approach to productivity to help you think, feel, and do your best, while enjoying the journey.

Some Challenges with Productivity Power Magazine

Flipboard is a fast way to roundup and share articles for a theme.

I do like Flipboard.  I did run into some issues though while creating my Productivity Power Magazine: 1)  I wasn’t able to figure out how to create a simpler URL for the landing page, 2)  I wasn’t able to swap out images if I didn’t like what was in the original article 3) I couldn’t add an image if the article was missing one, 4) I couldn’t easily re-sequence the flow of articles in the magazine, and 5) I can’t get my editorial comments to appear.  It seems like all of my write ups are in the tool, but don’t show on the page.

That said, I don’t know a faster, simpler, better way to create a catalog of all of my productivity articles at a glance.  What’s nice is that I can go across multiple sources, so it’s a powerful way to round up articles and package them for a specific theme, such as productivity in this case.

I can also see how I can use Flilpboard for doing research on the Web, alone or with a team of people, since you can invite people to contribute to your Flipboard.   You can also make Flipboards private, so you can choose which ones you share.

Take Productivity Power Magazine for a spin and let me know how it goes.