Scrum at a Glance (Visual)

Note: This article is updated at Scrum at a Glance.

I’ve shared a Scrum Flow at a Glance before, but it was not visual.

I think it’s helpful to know how to whiteboard a simple view of an approach so that everybody can quickly get on the same page.

Here is a simple visual of Scrum:


There are a lot of interesting tools and concepts in scrum.  The definitive guide on the roles, events, artifacts, and rules is The Scrum Guide, by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber.

I like to think of Scrum as an effective Agile project management framework for shipping incremental value.  It works by splitting big teams into smaller teams, big work into smaller work, and big time blocks into smaller time blocks.

I try to keep whiteboard visuals pretty simple so that they are easy to do on the fly, and so they are easy to modify or adjust as appropriate.

I find the visual above is pretty helpful for getting people on the same page pretty fast, to the point where they can go deeper and ask more detailed questions about Scrum, now that they have the map in mind.

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