Trends for 2011

I put together a trends map in my trends for 2011 post.

I took a look across consumer trends, Enterprise trends, market trends, and what's on the minds of CIOs, CFOs, and CEOs.  I also drew from my experience from talking with key folks on what's going on, including many customers and what they're focused on.  I included a round up and distillation of many sources, so you can drill into even more.

The post is long, but I've saved you several hours, if not days, of research and bubbled up several key sources that will help you create your own map of trends.  I designed the post to be very scannable so you can hop around pretty fast.

Trends are your extreme advantage. By knowing where the action is, you can focus your energy for better results.  You also avoid surprises.  You can also reshape your job to be more relevant, and you can use market insights to follow the growth, or create new growth.   As cycles of change get shorter, one of your best skills to build is anticipation.  Anticipation helps you respond over react.  Key tip – The Art of the Long View teaches us to have multiple long views.

Explore trends for 2011.