Trends for 2016

Our world is changing faster than ever before.  It can be tough to keep up.  And what you don’t know, can sometimes hurt you.

Especially if you get disrupted.

If you want to be a better disruptor vs. be the disrupted, it helps to know what’s going on around the world.  There are amazing people, amazing companies, and amazing discoveries changing the world every day.  Or at least giving it their best shot.

  • You know the Mega-Trends: Cloud, Mobile, Social, and Big Data.
  • You know the Nexus-Of-Forces, where the Mega-Trends (Cloud, Mobile, Social, Big Data) converge around business scenarios.
  • You know the Mega-Trend of Mega-Trends:  Internet-Of-Things (IoT)

But do you know how Virtual Reality is changing the game? …

Disruption is Everywhere

Are you aware of how the breadth and depth of diversity is changing our interactions with the world?  Do you know how “bi-modal” or “dual-speed IT” are really taking shape in the 3rd Era of IT or the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Do you know what you can print now with 3D printers? (and have you seen the 3D printed car that can actually drive? … and did you know we have a new land speed record with the help of the Cloud, IoT, and analytics? … and have you seen what driverless cars are up to?)

And what about all of the innovation that’s happening in and around cities? (and maybe a city near you.)

And what’s going on in banking, healthcare, retail, and just about every industry around the world?

Yes, the world is changing, and it’s changing fast.  But there are patterns.  I did my yearly trends post to capture and share some of these trends and insights:

Trends for 2016: The Year of the Bold

Let me warn you now – it’s epic.  It’s not a trivial little blog post of key trends for 2016.  It’s a mega-post, packed full with the ideas, terms, and concepts that are shaping Digital Transformation as we know it.

Even if you just scan the post, you will likely find something you haven’t seen or heard of before.  It’s a bird’s-eye view of many of the big ideas that are changing software and the tech industry as well as what’s changing other industries, and the world around us.

If you are in the game of Digital Business Transformation, you need to know the vocabulary and the big ideas that are influencing the CEOs, CIOs, CDOs (Chief Digital Officers), COOs, CFOs, CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers), CINOs (Chief Innovation Officers), and the business leaders that are funding and driving decisions as they make their Digital Business Transformations and learn how to adapt for our Mobile-First, Cloud-First world.

If you want to be a disruptor, Trends for 2016: The Year of the Bold is a fast way to learn the building blocks of next-generation business in a Digital Economy in a Mobile-First, Cloud-First world.

Here are the 10 key trends at a glance from Trends for 2016: The Year of the Bold to get you started:

  1. Age of the Customer
  2. Beyond Smart Cities
  3. City Innovation
  4. Context is King
  5. Culture is the Critical Path
  6. Cybersecurity
  7. Diversity Finds New Frontiers
  8. Reputation Capital
  9. Smarter Homes
  10. Virtual Reality Gets Real

Perhaps the most interesting trend is how culture is making or breaking companies, and cities, as they transition to a new era of work and life.  It’s a particularly interesting trend because it’s like a mega-trend.  It’s the people and process part that goes along with the technology.  As many people are learning, Digital Transformation is a cultural shift, not a technology problem.

Get ready for an epic ride and read Trends for 2016: The Year of the Bold.

If you read nothing else, at least read the section up front titled, “The Year of the Bold” to get a quick taste of some of the amazing things happening to change the globe. 

Who knows maybe we’ll team up on tackling some of the Global Goals and put a small dent in the universe.

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