[DSL Tools] Creating multiple views for a DSL: a solution from the community !

I’m very excited to announce you that Pascal Recchia and Anthony Guerot (2 French MVPs) recently published an article where they explain how to create multiple views for a DSL. This is an authoring feature that many customers have been requesting for a long time: having several graphical views for a given single model in a single store

The article is http://www.netfxfactory.org/blogs/papers/archive/2009/01/13/multiply-dsl-points-of-view.aspx, along with a video and the code of this prototype.

Very cool!


Also in their code, they show how to put all the diagrams into one single archive, in the same way Office stores its files.


Thanks to them for this fantastic contribution. I strongly encourage you to have a look at their work !!