What is new in Visual Studio 2012 RC Visualization and Modeling SDK ?

Last week, we shipped the VsVm SDK RC (Visual Studio 2012 RC Visualization and Modeling SDK). Here is what is new with respect to VsVmSDK Beta:

DSL Tools

  • We fixed a few bugs in the runtime, in particular, adding an element to a compartment shape could select the previous element instead of the newly added element when the compartment mapped to a derived relationship, which was incorrect.
  • We updated the DslProjectMigrationTool used to migrate VS2010 DSL Tools solutions to Visual Studio 2012. It is still located under
  • There is a slight API change in in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling.Sdk.Integration.dll: the IModelBrowserHost interface has a new member ResizeToMeasure. This interface is implemented by the PickerDialog, as a User Interface for the modelbus references. We don’t think that anybody has really implemented this interface apart from us for the TFS workitem linking to models and model elements, so we don’t think that this really break anybody. But I preferred to mention it.

Architecture designers extensibility

  • We have fixed UML designers project template VSIX following-up a change in the VSSDK,
  • We have added the Layer diagram extensibility project templates. See Extending Layer Diagrams


Code Index SDK

  • The code index SDK has a new loader indexing PDB files. it retrieves source file, and line number for methods body, and the method calls.
  • the schema of the code index has slightly changed:
    1. addition of the source file and line information (to store the information of the PDBs)
    2. In Beta, Events were linked to Method definitions by AddMethodDefintion and RemoveMethodDefinition. Now there are MethodDefinitions (collection)
    3. In Beta Properties were linked to MethodDefinition through GetMethodDefinition and SetMethodDefinition. Now there is a collection of assessors named AccessorMethodDefinitions
  • We have, therefore, updated the code index samples. In particular if you bulk index assemblies, the PDB will be indexed, and you will get source and line information in the IgnoredTests sample
  • We have added a new sample dumping to text files the public API of indexed assemblies (See How to discover and output the public API of an assembly).
  • The code index database, which used to be named Repository is now named Microsoft.VsCodeIndex, to avoid collisions with user databases.
  • We have changed the msbuild property name describing the name of the database when bulk indexing assemblies, it used to be named RepositoryDb and is now named Repository its default value was also changed to Microsoft.VsCodeIndex.