Informal poll on debugger feature requests?

What new feature requests do you want in the managed debugging services? In other words, if you could spend $100 on the following debugger-related items, how would it break down:
1) Support for debugging a managed dump file (without needing SOS)
2) Data breakpoints on managed objects.
3) Better managed (C#) wrappers for everything.
4) Making MDbg the worlds' best sample. Fixing all the warts, making perfectly clean, documented, ideal code, fxcop clean, etc.
5) Ability to write a profiler in managed code. (This is basically impossible; but I'm curious how much people would like it)
6) More Edit-and-Continue support. If you've used EnC, you've probably noticed there are a set of "rude edits" where you need to restart. This items is reducing the set of rude edits. For example, letting you add a new class with EnC.
7) Better documentation on ICorDebug and related APIs.
8) More scriptable debugger. For example, being able to put IronPython statements behind breakpoints
9) Better visualizers
10)  Being able to debug light-weight codegen.
11) Improving warts on the ICorDebug API itself.
12) debugging optimized managed code.
13) other debugging features?

I'd also be interested in what your technical scenarios are so I can look for patterns between feature requests and users.

I realize that this is focused on a very small subset of the overall Visual Studio feature set. For example, I intentionally avoided listed IDE features.

I need to emphasize this is an informal poll for my own curiosity only. I'm not making any promises on behalf of Microsoft.