Only 1 checkin in 4 months?

I haven't actually checked in a code change to the CLR in months now. Yesterday I made my first change to the new product (CLR V3). Before that, I've only made one change since 7/15/05. That's 1 product change (it was on 8/26/05) in a 4 month window (between 7/15/05 and 11/16/05), which is certainly a coding draught. This is because we were locking down Visual Studio and the CLR and didn't want to make any changes that could accidentally break things.

So if I'm not coding, what have I been doing? Mostly planning for CLR V3, which means answering questions like:
- What features do we need to enable the scenarios customers want? Customer feedback is very important to us. If you have any opinions / wishes about the underlying CLR Debugging Services API, please fill out this survey here.
- What's can we learn from V2?
- What architecture do we need for the next version?   For eg, we know we'll eventually need managed-code minidumps with ICorDebug, how are we going to do that?

It's been a lot of investigation and technical discussions. I've been living in Word. For a developer, that just seems wrong. But it's all part of the different phases of a large product.