Redis Cache Service on Azure

We just previewed a Redis cache service on Azure.  A good writeup is also on ScottGu’s blog.

This is Redis hosted within azure as service. You can create a cache via the portal, and then access it via

Some highlights:

  1. Hosting Redis 2.8 on Azure VMs
  2. accessible via redis clients from any language. My recommendation for C# is Marc Gravell’s Stackexchange.Redis.
  3. Caches expose a SSL endpoint, and support the Auth command.
  4. The standard SKU provides a single-endpoint that’s backed by a 2-node Master/Slave cluster to increase availability. The service includes automatic failover detection and forwarding requests to the master so you get the persistence without needing to worry about it.
  5. There’s a redis session state provider for using redis from your ASP apps.

See the Getting Started Guide for how to jump right in.