Requesting feedback from business app developers and IT decision makers

I'm doing research for the Visual Studio team at Microsoft to better understand the needs and problems faced by developers that build business apps that are internal to their company (apps for their employees) – we want to help them build their apps faster and more reliably.


My goal is to chat with this set of developers to better understand their world and to evaluate whether we should be pursuing various ideas. The technologies they are using or the devices they are targeting don’t matter, just that they are building internal apps for the company’s employees.


If you are building internal business apps, I’d like to ask for 30 minutes of your time for a discussion over the phone. Please send me an email at "jnak" @ Your time would be greatly appreciated and hopefully it’ll result in us building products to support you better.


If this isn’t you and you know someone who would be appropriate, please forward this along.


Thanks so much!