These new resources will knock your socks off!

There were several resources announced at the Office Developer Conference on Monday that if you are a developer or architect, are just going to knock your socks off.


The great line-up consists of:


- OBA Sample Application Kits for SAP and PeopleSoft

- OBA Platform Scenarios for Customer Service Request Management and Sales Proposal Management

- Financial Services OBA Component Library

- OBA RAP for Loan Origination

- OBA Composition Reference Toolkit



OBA Sample Application Kits for SAP and PeopleSoft

These Kits are comprised of two new exciting pieces of guidance for Office developers: the OBA Sample Application Kit for SAP v2 and a “Sneak Peak” of the OBA Sample Application Kit for PeopleSoft. They highlight Office 2007 and SharePoint with Visual Studio 2008 Professional and Visual Studio Tools for Office v 3.0. Each kit shows a model Office Business Application but specifically, the OBA for PeopleSoft shows a Human Resources Recruiting scenario and the OBA for SAP shows a Business Travel Package Management scenario.

The Kit for SAP includes:

- Sample code in Visual Studio 2008 solution files

- Installation guidance

- Whitepaper

The Sneak Peak of the Kit for PeopleSoft includes

- A white paper showing a sneak peek of the Sample Application Kit for PeopleSoft

All attendees of the Office Developer Conference received a CD of the kits and the download will be coming soon.

OBA Platform Scenarios

Two important scenarios, Customer Service Request Management and Sales Proposal Document Management, to give Office developers, architects and the sales field the guidance they need to think about the Office platform in terms of collaborative, BI-driven enterprise applications. Both scenarios are built on Office 2007 and SharePoint using Visual Studio 2008 Professional with Visual Studio Tools for Office v 3.0 making use of features such as Open XML, Excel Services, Enterprise Search, the Business Data Catalog, UI customization, Forms Services and more. Each OBA Platform Scenario shows a model Office Business Application which includes the following deliverables:

- White paper

- Sample code in Visual Studio 2008 solution files

- Installation guidance

- MSI’s

- Click-through demos


Financial Services OBA Component Library

The Financial Services(FS) OBA Component Library is large set of OBA components that aim to solve industry concerns in the Banking, Insurance and Capital Market verticals. All OBA components are based on both common financial schemas and standard web service protocols. These production grade OBA components accelerate both custom development and partner purchased solutions as they are in line with FS business process payloads. The Library consists of:

• Architecture Guidance

• Web Casts

• How To Articles

• Scenario based HOLs

• MSDN Virtual Lab

Available as a download on the MSDN Financial Services Portal

OBA RAP for Loan Origination

This OBA Reference Application Pack (RAP) for Loan Origination Systems in Financial Services is a reusable loan architecture factory. The goals of this RAP are to simulate bridging the gap between disparate business capabilities across a heterogeneous banking environment, centralize business rules decoupled with computation logic, and a scalable and robust lending platform. It contains the following pieces of guidance:

ú Architecture Guidance – Whitepapers educating architects how to design, build, deploy OBA’s for LOS.

ú Building Sustainable Banking Architectures

ú Architecting Enterprise Loan Orchestrations and Workflows

ú Architecting Regulatory Complaint Banking Solutions

ú Rich Media – Web Casts and Pod Casts on Reference Architecture

ú Hands on Lab – Scripted application scenario, self paced online training

OBA Composition Reference Toolkit

The OBA Composition Reference Toolkit brings to surface the underlying composition capabilities of the 2007 Microsoft Office system. It integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Office 2007 System to enable a prescriptive application composition experience for Information Workers to build and deploy Office Business Applications (OBAs) using semantically related OBA Components like Workflows, SharePoint document libraries and lists, SharePoint Pages, Web Parts, VSTO Office Client Add-ins, BI Reports, BI Dashboards etc. The toolkit comprises an OBA Composition Server and an OBA Composer. The OBA Composition Server implements metadata and provisioning services to enable cataloging OBA components, defining semantic relationships between components, defining the bindings between components and LOB systems, and to support deploying OBAs composed by users. The OBA Composer is a WPF application that consumes and uses the services of the OBA Composition Server to enable a rich client and prescriptive user experience for composing and deploying OBAs.