Ping a Subnet

Ever work somewhere and wanted to ping sweep a subnet to find out what was out there or how many IP's were responding?  Well, I happen to run across a site "can't seem to find it" that had a wonderful VB script on how to do this.  If anyone knows who wrote this vb file, please give them credit as I did NOT create this vb script.

I have attached a txt file with the code.

Usage example:

cscript PINGSubnet.vbs /IP: /mask: /ping

/IP: specifies a valid IP address and MUST be supplied.
/mask: specifies a valid subnet mask and MUST be supplied
/ping is optional. If supplied, every host in the subnet will be pinged, and res
ult shown.

Most invalid subnet masks will be flagged as such and the script will end.
There is no checking for valid IP address yet!