Microsoft Dynamics GP + Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online success stories

These stories are great case studies that show what can be achieved when Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM Online are sold together.

Both projects used the Dynamics connector to integrate between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

If you are a Dynamics GP partner its time to talk with us about extending your business to also include Dynamics CRM Online. After all why leave deals on the table in the form of sales people at your Dynamics GP customers who want CRM? Of course in addition to adding new services with CRM Online there are also 30 percent CSA fees to consider as well.

Don't leave dollars on the table and come and talk to us. If something is stopping you also moving into Dynamics CRM come and tell us what it is and work with it to remove that blocker.

Let's talk!

John O'Donnell

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