Bring It On iPhone/Android!!!

What does it take to port you iPhone/Android Public Sector app to Windows Phone? The Bring it On iPhone/Android series will answer these and other questions.

imageNext Week on April 24th @2PM we will introduce the series in preparation for our upcoming app porting webcasts in May and June. We would like to offer this overview so that you, iPhone and Android developers who have built government solutions for those platforms, can familiarize yourself with what resources are available. In May and June we will get down to the mechanics of actually porting your apps. For those of you interested in just building for Windows Phone we will include information on readily available open data sources that you can use to build your new WP Apps. In preparation for this series please feel free to check the following FREE platform resources. Look carefully, there are really good resources there!

You can register for our first webcast here!

After our introductory webcast we will have the following two events:

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