building an APP?-we have a device for THAT!

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Quick, what is the largest enterprise in the world? – Yes! Government… but at Microsoft it gets even bigger: Public Sector - which also includes Education and Healthcare. So, thinking of building a mobile app? Public Sector is it!

This Devices for Developers program consists of TWO simple options:

  1. For Government Developer: You can request a device (as a loaner) for 30 days – after which you must return it. No exceptions!
  2. For non-Government Developer: If you publish the Public Sector app to Marketplace we’ll let you keep the device longer to build more apps. Otherwise, option 1 applies.

This program is available to United States Developers Only…
( for non-US please install this app Find My Champ, and find the Windows Phone Champ nearest you. )

To request a device please send email to **joel.reyes@microsoft** with info below:

Developer NAME:
Windows LIVE ID:
App Hub PUBLISHER ID (ISV ID): (if available/applicable)
App TIMEFRAME: (ALL APPS must be published BEFORE June 30, 2012)
Shipping ADDRESS:

Don’t know where to start? NO PROBLEM! – Here are some pointers:Phone InfoKit, Phone SDK, Azure SDK, Azure Trial, WebMatrix, Apps Ideas

Joel Reyes – Windows Phone Champ
DPE.Public Sector

Notice to all Public Sector Employees: Due to government gift and ethics laws and Microsoft policy, government employees (including military and employees of public education institutions) are not eligible to participate in any give-away that may be associated with this program. Further information on Microsoft compliance with U.S. government gift and ethics rules can be found here.