Introducing Code Sample Explorer App… a centralized code sample library for developers

Code samples are developers’ favorite asset. In partnership with the MSDN Samples Gallery team, the Community Services team just released a new Sample Browser applications - a new way for you to search, download and enjoy 3500 code samples at your fingertips.

The 3500 code samples are from MSDN Samples Gallery, including 800+ Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework (OneCode) samples, 480+ official Windows 8 Beta samples, 150+ official Windows Azure samples, 600+ WPF, ASP.NET, Windows Phone 7, Silverlight samples, and more. We hope that this new Sample Browser would ease the way you discover and use samples. We also hope that it would enhance best coding practices for key products such as Windows 8, Windows Azure, Windows Phone, etc.

… And the application is absolutely beautiful!  



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Cloud: Tools, Account
Client: WebMatrix
Resources: Infokit
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