Nokia's top-12 tips on building apps for WP 256MB

Tip #1 - Always test apps using the emulator's 256 MB option
Tip #2 - Make use of the Windows Phone Memory profiler
Tip #3 - Create a helper class to detect if your app is running on a 256 MB phone
Tip #4 - PeriodicTask and ResourceIntensiveTasks are not supported
Tip #5 - Use the WebBrowserTask instead of the <WebBrowser /> control to display arbitrary untested web pages
Tip #6 - Replace the Bing <Map /> control with the BingMapsTask
Tip #7 - Consider reducing image quality
Tip #8 - Consider replacing long lists with images with ListBox replacements that use Data Virtualization
Tip #9 - Consider disabling page transitions
Tip #10 - Avoid initializing the same SoundEffects multiple times
Tip #11 - Compress your XNA assets
Tip #12 - Take care to locate and eliminate memory leaks

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