Another Power Toy...the Resource Refactoring Tool

If you're like me, you're lazy.  You'd rather order out than cook, rather buy a robot vacuum than vacuum yourself, and you don't like clicking around when you're writing code.  You know that it's a good idea to put all of the strings in your program into a resource file--but it's just easier to type them inline.  You'll get back to it later, right?  Heck--you didn't get Visual Studio so you could type more, did you?

Well, Bertan, a developer on the Power Toys team, must be lazy too, because he has developed a simple tool that allows you to refactor those strings into .resx files directly from inside of Visual Studio.  Check out his blog post on the tool, or download the tool directly from the Microsoft Download Center here.

Best yet, if you run the Pack Installer that I blogged about last time, you'll see that the Resource Refactoring tool is now listed...just install it straight from there!