Answer Marking: It's Not Just For Moderators Anymore

I've been writing quite a bit about reputation and auto-moderation on the MSDN Forums on this blog. It's been a cool way for me to organize my thoughts and collaborate a bit with other people on what we be great for the forums in the future--but it's basically just been a bunch of writing.

Until now. I'm happy to announce one of the very, very first ideas we had about auto-moderation has finally seen the light of day. Every single forums user that has contributed 5 or more answers in the MSDN Forums, as of the beginning of April, now has rights to mark replies as answers.

This is an experiment to see if more replies actually get marked if more people are able to mark them. Will this help our answer rate? I hope so. I'll check back in next month and see if this has had a noticeable effect.

Today's 2 day answer rate: 41%

Today's 1 month answer rate: 58%