MVP Summit 2007

It's that time again...the MVP Global Summit is happening this week in Seattle and Redmond.  The first Summit was one of my favorite experiences so far working at Microsoft--I love talking to customers and hearing it "from the horse's mouth."  It's not often that I get to actually meet with people face-to-face, so to actually get to meet the people behind the forum posts and emails is extremely exciting.

That being said...I'd love to meet with any MVPs that are regularly reading this blog.  I got the opportunity to meet with Peter, one of our excellent C# forum moderators, earlier today, and I'd love to meet with more of you.

Here's my schedule:

Tuesday:   I'm planning on going to the BillG keynote, so I'll probably be hanging around the convention center a bit before lunch and throughout the keynote.

Wednesday:   If you're a C# MVP, go to one of Charlie's community sessions.  Josh and I will be there.  I'm pretty sure most of the people on my team will be checking out the product group dinner that night as well.

Thursday:   Another C# community session.  I'll probably hang out in the the Microsoft conference center for a few hours and have some "office hours" if anybody wants to chat me up about forums... :)

If you want to chat with me or want to see if I'm around, send me a quick mail to  I have a BlackJack...I get my mail right away.  :)