TFS Administration Tool 1.1 RTW - A Community-Driven Release!

I'm happy to announce that the very first community-driven release of any of the Power Toys for Visual Studio, the TFS Administration Tool 1.1, was just published on CodePlex and is available for download!

Not only am I excited because I'm seeing a small group of great developers take interest in the tool, but I'm also excited for my team.  Sara and Josh both had a vision that if we shared the source code of the Power Toys, participated in the projects, and had a bit of patience, we could build communities around those projects and people would contribute to them.  There were skeptics, including myself, who weren't convinced that the effort involved in sharing source and being an early adopter of the CodePlex site was going to be worth it, but today's release shows otherwise.  A special thanks to Sara is in order for staying the course and keeping the "Shared Source" nature of the team in the forefront over the past several months.  Without that focus, today's release (and future ones) would never have happened.

Finally, and most importantly, thanks to everyone who contributed code and waited long and hard for us to finally check it in and release it.  I'm looking forward to our next round of fixes and improvements!

Addition (10/02/06): The TFS Administration Tool allows a Team Foundation Server administrator to quickly add, delete, and modify the permissions for their users from one central location on the TFS server, the Sharepoint server, and the SQL Reporting Services server all from one common interface.  You can read more about the 1.0 release of the tool here: