Visual Studio "Orcas" Forums Launched

Has it really been almost a year since Whidbey launched already?  One year later, we've started to share out our first CTP of the next version of Visual Studio, codename "Orcas".

Of course, with any new version of a product like Visual Studio, you're going to have questions when you are trying things out.  That's why I'm happy to announce the creation of a new forum group for Visual Studio Orcas-related questions!

Visual Studio Orcas Forum Group

Over the next few weeks, I'm working on getting the forums for LINQ, WPF (Avalon), and WCF (Indigo) migrated to that forum group so we have one central location to ask all of your Orcas-related questions.

If you just want to keep up on what people are asking about Orcas, may I suggest subscribing to the following RSS feeds for the new forums?

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XML in Orcas

Visual Basic in Orcas

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Visual C# in Orcas

Visual Studio Orcas Install and Setup

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Visual Studio Orcas "General"