Who's Rated the "Most Helpful" in the forums?

A little bit ago, I started talking about ways that we could measure the success of the community without using pure "answer count" as the only barometer for community health.  I decided to do a little bit of data mining today and looked for the people who have received the highest number of "Helpful Votes" over the past three months.  Below that is the chart of the top answerers over the same time period.

Top Helpful Rated List:

User Name Total Votes Who is it?
nobugz 404 MVP
Ilya Tumanov 202 Microsoft
DMan1 192 MVP
Shawn Hargreaves - MSFT 184 Microsoft
Figo Fei - MSFT 168 Microsoft Support
Cindy Meister 164 MVP
Zhi-Xin Ye - MSFT 147 Microsoft Support
einaros 139 Community
Jay_Vora_b4843e 135 Community
Jens K. Suessmeyer 132 MVP
Bruno Yu - MSFT 129 Microsoft Support
Jim Perry 125 MVP
Arnie Rowland 124 Community
Phil Brammer 122 MVP
TilakGopi 122 Community
Mike Danes 114 MVP
Dave299 113 Community
ahmedilyas 111 Community
Bite Qiu - MSFT 106 Microsoft Support
Andreas Johansson 106 MVP
Dick Donny 101 Community
Peter Ritchie 90 MVP
ReneeC 90 Community
Richard Berg MSFT 88 Microsoft
nogChoco 85 Community

Top Answerers List:  

User Name Total Answers Who is It?
nobugz 886 MVP
Bruno Yu - MSFT 682 Microsoft Support
Figo Fei - MSFT 672 Microsoft Support
Zhi-Xin Ye - MSFT 501 Microsoft Support
DMan1 444 MVP
Ilya Tumanov 432 Microsoft
Cindy Meister 405 MVP
Arnie Rowland 382 Community
Bite Qiu - MSFT 361 Microsoft Support
Andreas Johansson 339 MVP
ahmedilyas 307 Community
James Manning - MSFT 281 Microsoft
LesterLobo - MSFT 272 Microsoft
Tom Lake - MSFT 268 Microsoft
ReneeC 264 Community
Jens K. Suessmeyer 261 MVP
Richard Berg MSFT 259 Microsoft
Damien Watkins - MSFT 254 Microsoft
einaros 246 Community
TilakGopi 238 Community
Dick Donny 234 Community
Gavin Jin - MSFT 232 Microsoft Support
Simple Samples 212 Community
Shawn Hargreaves - MSFT 198 Microsoft
Bob zhu - MSFT 187 Microsoft Support