Lucky "Rotation 7" almost done

The seventh SQL Microsoft Certified Masters rotation is almost finished. It has been a jam packed 48 hours:

  • A full day on the topic of SQL Security from Greg Low
  • Last night we had a Meet and Greet in Building 35 - where our candidates had a chance to meet several PMs and Devs from the SQL Engine and SQL CAT team. Fantastic showing and great conversations.
  • Kalen Delaney stopped by for the final signature on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals this morning! She mentioned that these might be the only copies with all five signatures included. Not sure if we can pull this off for each rotation, but we'll certainly try.
  • The rest of today will be about High Availability.

Now it all comes down to Saturday. 8AM they will have a two hour exam. 11AM they will start their six hour qualification lab.

Wish them luck,