SQL MCMs – Now Sixty Members Strong

** Cross posted from the Master blog.  I usually don’t cross post the new SQL MCM member announcements – but since we’re at sixty members, I thought this was a special occasion. **

Yesterday we added another SQL 2008 MCM to the community, making the total number of SQL MCMs sixty members strong.  What's even more noteworthy is our new SQL MCM, Nicolas Husson, is an independent contractor (and based on his performance during the rotation, I think he is someone that you would definitely want working on your SQL Server project). 

A little background on Nicolas:

Nicolas Husson, Owner and Principal Consultant at NH Consulting. Nicolas is currently working as an independent contractor on various engagements in the Los Angeles area. Nicolas holds a Master degree (once a Master always a Master) in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Sciences from the UCL in Belgium. After a few years at Philips Customer Electronics, working on the first DVD writers and what could have become the blue ray disc, he moved to the US in 2001 and started to work as a Solutions Architect on many custom software development projects (mostly developed on the Microsoft platform, i.e. MFC, VB6, .NET, Sharepoint, Biztalk and SQL Server). At the time many customers were moving from SQL Server 7 to 2000, and that’s when he became interested with all things database-related and passionate about SQL server. That’s also when he got the Certification bug and started taking Microsoft exams, the latest most likely being the one he’s the proudest of. In late 2008, he started his own business and is now specializing in SQL Server and MOSS 2007 maintenance, deployment and troubleshooting, dreaming of taking the MCM for SharePoint. When he’s not ruining his eyes on a monitor, Nicolas loves to scuba dive (he’s an active PADI Assistant Instructor), ride his mountain bike through the San Gabriel Mountains or just simply spend some quality time with his wife Catherine and his son Martin.

Congratulations to Nicolas on this achievement – and I fully expect to see an announcement some day of his MCM SharePoint certification!