SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled

Today I received a copy of SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled by Grant Fritchey (aka ScaryDBA).  I was the technical reviewer for this book and I really enjoyed the project.  SQL Server performance is one of my favorite topics, and Grant did an amazing job.  As the drafts flowed in - it was obvious to me that Grant had a significant amount of practical experience. Regarding his writing skills, he followed the "show - don't tell" style which in my opinion is so critical to the learning process (not to mention the readability of a book).  I also liked that this was a distilled title - meaning that Grant spent 490+ pages on the most important performance topics instead of 1000.  I felt he hit all the marks, emphasizing quality over page-stuffing quantity. 

Full disclosure - technical reviewers get paid "by the page" to review a book. We don't get paid royalties for units sold (or at least I wasn't).  So once the review is done, that's it for the money.  This endorsement\recommendation doesn't line my own pocket any further - just wanted to get the word out on an excellent new reference. Highly recommended!