Updated SQL 2008 MCM Pre-reading list

David Ikeda and I have updated the SQL Server 2008 MCM Pre-reading list based on the last training rotation we conducted last October. You can download the PDF here.

As a seasoned SQL Server professional, ideally you'll already have read some, if not most of the material listed in this document. If not, you'll find that there is quite a bit of material you’ll need to read. Nonetheless I strongly recommend that anyone planning on attending the SQL MCM program review all of the material. Doing so will help prepare you for the three week whirlwind of information and testing.

** Also as a tip - we've noticed (and heard from previous rotations) that students tend to avoid pre-reading material for the XML, SQL Client, SQL CLR, and Service Broker topics. My recommendation is to not avoid reviewing this material. If this is not your comfort area, I suggest you hit these topics first, and make sure you have reviewed it thoroughly prior to training. If you do, you'll thank us once Week 2 of the training rolls around... **