After a weekend with Vista

VistaOrangeVista was driving me nuts and I posted some of my frustrations at the end of last week.

The response was interesting. There were a couple ignorant slashdotters who chimed in with the used sore looser crap.

Mostly though, I got reminded how smart my blog readers.

There were answers or explanations to all my frustrations.

My problem with the AJAX Control Toolkit download was simple. I just need to unblock the downloaded file before decompression or installation. Not too bad.

The problem with access my pictures folders was an interesting. He link I was clicking on was a symbolic link to help with backward compatibility so that when a program expects the link which allays existed on Windows XP, things will work.

Those links are hidden, but as a developer / systems weenie, when I install a fresh OS I un-hide everything. While I still think that administrators should be “all powerful”, it cures my frustration to know that the behavior is intentional and there was a reason behind the decision.

So, after a weekend of Vista, I have all my core tools working. In fact, I have all my demos for PHP Quebec and Ajax World running on Vista including ASP.NET and PHP Interop, COM from PHP .NET from PHP, ATLAS from PHP Virtual Earth from PHP, even WPF/e from PHP.

Change stings, especially when your work load doesn’t leave time for play, but I thought I’d update.

For me IIS 7 is worth all the frustration to get up and started.

Visual Studio 2005 seems to be working fine and is faster after replacing the beta “Visual Studio Update for Vista” with the release version.

Orcas on Vista will be like Christmas.

Thanks for all the hints and comments.