ASP.NET AJAX at AJAX World 2008


I'll be joining the fine folks at AJAX World again this year and giving the following talks.


ASP.NET AJAX Design & Development Patterns

AJAX is not about Eye Candy. AJAX is about building functionality that is difficult or impossible with conventional web development technology. Done right your web applications ROCK, but it it’s done wrong and your infrastructure pays the price. This session will expose a collection of design and usage patterns that will help you understand ASP.NET AJAX under the covers and design efficient, interactive AJAX Applications using Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Technologies.


The Digital Black Belt's Guide to Building Secure ASP.NET AJAX Applications

You think your ASP.NET AJAX application is secure, but how do you know? Are you SURE? Would you bet your career on it?

Secure application design is 1/3 Architecture, 1/3 Code, and 1/3 Operations. You can’t retro-fit a secure architecture. In this Digital Black Belt crash session you’ll get a whirlwind tour of how to write secure web applications with ASP.NET AJAX. You can’t learn it all in a day, but you can get started with secure development techniques and learn what questions you need to be asking each day in your development process.

Speaker Bio: Joe Stagner is a senior program manager in Microsoft Corporation’s Developer Tools and Platform Group and has been with Microsoft since 2001 focusing on highly scalable and performant Web application architectures, multiplatform interoperability and software security. Stagner brings 30 years technical and business strategy experience to Microsoft which affords him a unique experiential perspective.

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