Book Review – The Search, John Battelle


This book is about the Internet Search Business and especially about Google.


The book serves as a very good history of search engine technology and of Google as a company but more importantly as a catalyst of thought for the new search related business (and revenue) models.


“The Search” describes the Google advertising based revenue model, which is interesting enough, but for me the really interesting ideas were found in Battelle’s discussion about what he calls “The Database of Intentions”.


The author’s belief is that Google’s ability to evaluate user entered search data, results, and advertising response, and to report on that data in almost real time will ultimately be Google’s most valuable commodity. I tend to agree with him and hope the guys at MS Search and MS Research have read this book.


As a Microsoft employee, I thought it interesting that Battelle also takes a very pragmatic look at Google and Google’s growth as it relates to press, ethics, public relations etc. and notes that perhaps Google may replace Microsoft as “the target”. He offers a very frank discussion on the difference between Google’s public declarations and their business practices while recognizing the difficulties of competing in the “big business league”.


If you interested in the business side of internet technology then this is a must read.


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