Build a game, try to win some of $75,000 in prizes.



Today the XNA Team has launched Dream-Build-Play 2008.

In Dream-Build-Play 2008 you can build your dream game to compete with other game developers around the world.  This year’s contest will feature Xbox360 development only and to ensure that everyone has access we will be giving away one free 12-Month XNA Creators Club Trial membership to everyone that registers.  Contestants will compete for $75,000 in prizes and the bragging rights to say their game was the best.  Additionally, one of the top ten finalists will win an opportunity for an Xbox LIVE publishing contract.  For more information log on to


· The XNA team has launched Dream-Build-Play 2008. 

· $75,000 in prizes and the chance to receive an Xbox Live Arcade Contract.

· Create and deploy Xbox360 games using XNA Game Studio 2.0

· Everyone who registers will receive a FREE 12-Month Trial Creator Club Membership