DORK AWARD: Java creator James Gosling

Read this:

Huge security hole in .NET: Java creator: ZDNet Australia: News: Security  – James Gosling

Sore looser or WHAT ?

Don’t get me wrong. There is much that I find interesting in Java, and while its evolution seems to have stagnated some, they’re picking up some great ideas reflecting off MS .NET (as, I’m sure we did to CREATE .NET in the beginning)

The fact the intentionally declared “unsafe”code is possible on .NET applications is simply an option for developers on the Microsoft Platform.

Gosling is a bright guy, but reaching for press like this just seems like sour grapes.

The “Emperor’s Clothes” thing doesn’t work James. Perhaps continuing to actually IMPROVE Java will bear more fruit than simply trying to convince developers that MS .NET is not as good as developers believe.

Just my 2c.