Installing Ubuntu 6.10 in a Virtual PC

UbuntuI’ve never benn a big fan of virtualization, Id rather just have twice as much hardware  

But since I’ll be spending most of the time between now and July on the road, I thought I’d revisit VirtualPC again, especially now that the 2007 version is out and there is a free desktop version.

Since I’m working on some interop demos, I started with trying to install Ubuntu. WHile LInux installer hardware detection generally sucks, for native installations I’ve found Ubuntu’s HD logic to be very good.

My first try installing Ubuntu 6.10 on VPC 2007 wasn’t so good.

There ius a problem that has to do with the boot splash and 16 pixel vs 24 pixel

I found this workaround in a Ubuntu blog and it works like a charm:

Step 1: Boot Live CD, press F6 (Other Options)
Step 2: Go near the end of the line and remove the word splash, then press Enter.
Step 3: After Ubuntu 6.10 boots, Press Crtl-Alt-F1 to get to a command line interface.
Step 4: Type in the following command to reset defaultdepth from 24 to 16:

sudo sed -e 's/DefaultDepth.*24/DefaultDepth 16/g' -i /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Step 5: Press Ctrl-Alt-F7 to return to the Ubunto Desktop.
Step 6: Press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to reload the Ubunto Desktop.
Step 7: Graphics are now properly adjusted, and you can perform an installation under VPC.