.NET Rocks! Hosts Ken Levy on Visual Studio Extensibility (VSX)


Wanna make Visual Studio do something special ?

Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell talk VSX with Ken Levy who these days is all about community and showing developers how to extend Visual Studio. A good part of the new hour interview covers topics discussed in the VSX keynote from DevTeach Vancouver in late 2007.

This is probably the biggest exposure for our VSX community activities to date, which complements the VSX CoDe Focus magazine. This podcast interview covers the story and message around VSX: VS as a platform, VS SDK, VS Shell, DSL Tools, VSIP program, plus VSX examples, online resources, roadmap plans around extending VS, community activities, and more.

If you don't already subscribe to .NET Rocks!, you can download an MP3 or WMA version of this audio podcast interview, both are 43MB files.