New VIRTUAL Dedicated Hosting from my Friends at MaximumASP


I’ve been playing around with one of these new Virtuozzo – Virtual privae hosting accounts from MazimumASP.


It’s a cool idea – it costs less than a dedicated server but gives you Remote Desktop COnnection access to your virtual server so you can set things up however you wish.


Here some of the press stuff from MaximumASP.



  • MaximumASP’s latest innovative product release is a completely new line of Microsoft-based virtual web hosting. MaximumASP’s “Virtual Environment” powered by Virtuozzo, provides a quantum leap in server virtualization features and resources, while still providing the same high level of Superior Support for which MaximumASP is known in the industry.
  • Never before has it been this easy and cost effective to manage multiple web sites. MaximumASP is offering the power and control of a dedicated server, without the cost of one. Robust server plans are available starting from just $69. VE is an outstanding way for customers to take advantage of many of the benefits of a dedicated server at a lower price point until they are ready to upgrade to a truly dedicated server.
  • All Plans come with:

- Exceptional Power Panel

- Full Administrator Level Access

- Guaranteed Resources

- Complete Privacy

  • Performs and Executes like a Stand-Alone Server Virtual Environments are isolated and secure “server instances” that occur on a single physical server, enabling better server utilization while also ensuring that applications do not conflict with each other. Each Virtual Environment performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server; VE can be rebooted independently and provides independent root access, users, IP addresses, memory, processor utilization, files, applications, system libraries and configuration files.
  • Virtual Environment management tools provide unique benefits empowering users to perform many different administrative functions without affecting other “server instances” or requiring any administrative support from MaximumASP staff. The included Power Panel allows access to the server at all times and routine tasks are simplified making server management easier to learn, and faster to use than ever before. The web based interface allows users to backup, restore, manage, recover, repair and reinstall a VE without technical support assistance.
  • Secure The underlying architecture changes access points on a preset schedule and prevent Denial of Service and other malicious attacks.
  • Light overhead, efficient design, overall completeness and proven performance of Virtual Environment also make it the right virtualization choice for server consolidation, disaster recovery and production servers with live applications and data.
  • When downtime is NOT an option MaximumASP is committed to providing all customers with advanced monitoring, critical updates, patches, anti-virus protection, and 24/7/365 email or phone support all from our brand new modular tier 1 data center. These features and the introduction of “Virtual Environment” continue to confirm our position as a leader in the hosting industry.