PHP Designer 2008


Some years ago I got an email from an interesting young man named Michael Pham and we discussed PHP IDEs.

I am NOT one of those guys who insist on using a featureless editor to write code (and prove how geeky I am.) I love good IDEs.

For my PHP work I routinely use all the "biggies".

  • PHPEd by NuSphere (Which is AWESOME if you are a Windows User - $229 Pro, $119 Std, Retail)
  • Active State Komodo (Great, Multi Platform, not PHP Specific - $295 Retail)
  • Zend Studio (Strong, but moving to an Eclipse based Version - $299 Retail)

Michael remembered wishing for a commercial quality PHP IDE that was frugally priced when he ws a student - so he wrote one !

He just released the 2008 version and, as with all his new releases, it's packed with new features.

The personal version (last version) is FREE !

The Pro Version is 39

10 Users is 249

Unlimited Site Licence is 499

And the Academic licence for the full version is 29

I hope you'll check it out. Michael originally gave me a free evaluation copy and I liked it so much I paid him for it!